School of Architecture

The second oldest School of the Faculty of Engineering, that was established only a year after the Faculty was founded.
It numbers 1,530 students, 74 faculty members, 22 assistants and 30 administrative staff.

The Unity of Architectural Studies, in the sense of a synthesis of architectural education on all scales of space and levels of planning and over the whole range of design-redesign practices, is the principle that defines the extent of studies at the School of Architecture, AUTH. According to this principle, studies cover the fields of architectural and urban design, maintenance and restoration, landscape and environmental design, and urban and regional planning.
The Unity of Architectural Studies requires the elaboration of the training provided by the School, over an extensive range of sectors related to art, technology and science. In order to satisfy this requirement, it is essential to link theory to design and cultivate motivation for research throughout the extent of studies. The Unity of Theory and Design, in the former sense, is a principle of the program.

Educational Freedom, as a double form of freedom that pervades the teaching and studies, serves as a foundation to the program. The Freedom of Studies, as a specific principle addressed to the student body, is complemented by the institutionally established Freedom of Teaching. This complementarity takes on the meaning of mutual respect.


Secretariat of the School of Architecture
Main Building, 1st floor
tel.: 2310 99 5595, 99 5596, 99 5550, 99 5404
fax: 2310 99 5597

Library of the School of Architecture
Main Building, 1st floor
tel.: 2310 99 5449, 99 5549, 99 5465, 99 5439

Computer Lab of the School of Architecture
1st Wing, 1st floor
Responsible: Pavlidis Ntinos
tel.: 2310 99 5446

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