School of Chemical Engineering

The School of Chemical Engineering was established in 1973.
It numbers 860 students, 33 faculty members, 10 assistants and 29 administrative staff.

During their studies, Chemical Engineers acquire the knowledge and skills related to the application of the principles of physics, chemistry, mathematics and technical sciences, as well as those of social economics and humanitarian sciences, in fields related to the transformation of matter and processing installations, through which matter is subjected to treatment or processing in the most beneficial (optimal) way in all respects (technical, economic, social). At the same time, modern day requirements oblige Chemical Engineers to pursue their work with a maximum saving of resources, energy/matter and also to protect the environment.
The aim of the School of Chemical Engineering in Greece is to train scientists-engineers, who have the skills to play an active role in the research, development and improvement of the methods used in the production of industrial products, in material technology, environmental protection and energy production. In addition, students are trained on the study, construction, operation and provision of technical support to various installations, on project management and on the application of standards (for environmental management, quality assurance, hygiene and safety).
In practice, Chemical Engineers are involved in the research-development-improvement of products, methods and installations, the study-construction-operation-technical support of installations, the design-production-control-distribution-applications of products and materials, as well as the development and implementation of anti-pollution technologies, and environmental management, quality assurance, hygiene and safety standards.


Secretariat of the School of Chemical Engineering
Building D', ground floor
tel.: 2310 99 6226, 99 6182, 99 6182, 99 6267
fax: 2310 99 6250

Library of the School of Chemical Engineering
2nd Wing, 2nd floor
tel.: 2310 99 6161

Computer Lab of the School of Chemical Engineering
Building Ε13, ground floor
Responsible: Assael Markos, Antoniadis Konstantinos
tel.: 2310 99 6163, 6210


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