School of Civil Engineering

The School of Civil Engineering is the largest and oldest School of the Faculty of Engineering; it was founded in 1955.
It numbers 2,000 students, 100 faculty members, 34 assistants and 39 administrative staff.

The main mission of the School of Civil Engineering is to educate its students through the production, transfer and application of scientific and technical knowledge pertaining to the field of civil engineering, but also to cultivate a sense of high social awareness in all its members, both students and staff, based on democratic values, the freedom of ideas and the freedom of expression.
At the same time, its fundamental objective is to promote science and knowledge through continuous developmental research and productive processes, in the direction of current developments, and to aim at an independent, multi-faceted growth of the country as a whole.

The School also offers the possibility of providing the necessary know-how to all public and private sector bodies, related to its subject. These objectives are achieved by the School of Civil Engineering, having as its basic principle the harmonious coexistence of technological development and the environment, so that technology does not contribute to the formulation of consumer models of hyper-production that destroy nature and deplete the resources available, but constitutes instead a tool for a more rational and effective organization of society and its institutions, that will ultimately lead to sustainable development.


Secretariat of the School of Civil Engineering
Building Ε10, ground floor
tel.: 2310 99 5612, 99 5851, 99 5698, 99 5853, 99 5861, 99 5613
fax: 2310 99 5862

Library of the School of Civil Engineering
Building Ε10, basement
tel.: 2310 99 5749

Computer Lab of the School of Civil Engineering
2nd Wing - ground floor
Responsible: Mahairas Christos
tel.: 2310 99 5712

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