School of Mechanical Engineering

The School of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1972. It numbers 1,000 students, 30 faculty members, 19 assistants and 28 administrative staff.

The School is divided into 3 departments:

  • Energy
  • Design and Construction
  • ndustrial Management

The Energy Department covers the following subjects: Thermodynamics and Thermal Engines, Internal Combustion Engines, Heat and Mass Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics, Turbomachinery, Computational Modeling Methods, Hydrodynamic Engines, Natural Process Technique, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Process Apparatus, Steam-producing Installations, Mild and Renewable Energy Sources, Buildings and Energy, Environmental Technologies, Environmental Informatics. The Energy Sector also comprises the following Laboratories: Applied Thermodynamics, Construction of Process Apparatus, Heat Transfer and Environmental Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery.

The Design and Construction Department has the following subjects: Mechanical Engineering Design, Machine tools and Manufacturing Processes, Metrology, Quality Control, Systematization and Automation of Manufacturing Processes, Computer-Aided Manufacturing Process Systems (CΑΜ, CΑΑ etc), Synthesis and Analysis of Mechanisms, Vibrations and Machine Dynamics, Automated Control of Mechanological Arrangements and Vibration Analysis Measurements, Machine Elements, Constructional Analysis and Synthesis of Machines, Mechanological Design, Lubrication and Tribology, Hoisting and Conveying Machines, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems, CΑD/CΑΕ, Computational Construction Methods, Technical and Experimental Mechanics of Materials, Physical Metallurgy, Material Technology and Properties, Production, Processing and Behaviour Processes of Conventional and New Materials.

The Industrial Management Department is one of the three departments of the School of Mechanical Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It was founded in 1973 under the name “Production Organization and Business Management Unit” and adopted its current form in 1983. The main object of the Industrial Management Department is to provide training to future engineers and conduct research on issues pertaining to production system organization and management. More specifically, the Industrial Management Department is mainly active in the following scientific fields: Organisation, Programming and Production Control, Stock Management, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Management, Product Reliability-Maintenance of Technological Equipment, Organisation and Management of Plants, Project Organisation and Management, Management Information Systems, Applied Statistics, Operational Research, Simulation-System Dynamics.


Secretariat of the School of Mechanical Engineering
Building D', ground floor
tel.: 2310 99 6032, 99 6022, 99 6072, 99 6020, 99 5878, 99 5894
fax: 2310 99 6071

Library of the School of Mechanical Engineering
Building D', ground floor
tel.: 2310 99 5428

Computer Lab of the School of Mechanical Engineering
Building Ε14, ground floor
Responsible: Baskoukos Anastasios
tel.: 2310 99 4189

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