School of Urban-Regional Planning and Development Engineering

The School of Spatial Planning and Development Engineering was established in 2004 with Law 3255/2004 (Greek Government Gazette Α/22-07-2004) (according to which its mission and aim is to provide knowledge in various fields and objects that concern the organization and management of geographical areas and spatial units, such as:

a.    Regional planning and regional development (national, regional, special plans, spatial development plans, infrastructure, local developmental programs, investment plan evaluation, environmental management and sustainable development) and

b.    Urban planning and urban development: master plans, general urban plans, urban planning studies, urban design, integrated urban development plans, plans for the location of economic activities, environmental aspects of spatial organization.

A Provisional General Assembly supervised by the Senate administers the School’s operation. Following the approval of the Senate the renaming of the School into “Urban and Regional Planning and Regional Development Engineering” without changing its mission and the Presidential Degree for the professional rights of the graduates.   

The School awards the Diploma of the Spatial Planner and Development Engineer after the successful completion of a 5-year curriculum. Each academic year the School accepts about 75 new students. The first round of the 5-year studies was completed in June 2009 when the School had its first graduates. Until the end of 2011, graduated 74 Spatial Planning and Development Engineers. The Faculty of Engineering provides accreditation that the School’s Diploma is equivalent to the Master’s Degree. Since January 2012 the School has an approved by the Senate Regulation for the undertaking of Doctoral Research. 

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