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Agricultural Economics Review
ISSN: 1109-2580

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Agricultural  Economics Review
MANAGING EDITOR:   Konstadinos Mattas
Department of Agricultural Economics
School of Agricultural Sciences
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Agricultural Economics Review is the official publication of the Greek Association of Agricultural Economists. To submit to the journal, click the Submit Article link at left. For more information, see Aims & Scope.


Abstracting/Indexing: AER is currently indexed in SCOPUS, E-Jel, WebEc-The list of Economic Journals, edBioWorld-Agricultural Economics Journals, EBSCO Publishing, Agecon search, ProQuest and Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Economics and Finance


Articles are instantly issued upon acceptance. The most recent are listed below.

The current volume is Volume 16(2), 2015



1. Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Country of Origin Labeled Product in Istanbul
Aslı Zuluga, Bulent Miran & Efthimia Tsakiridou


2. Technical and Scale Efficiency in the Italian Citrus Farming: a Comparison between SFA and DEA Approaches

Fabio A. Madau


3.  Efficiency analysis in a sample of PGI bean producers in Greece

Giannis Karagiannis & Katerina Melfou


4. Impacts of Soil Salinity on the Productivity of Al-Musayyeb Small Farms in Iraq: An Examination of Technical, Economic and Allocative Efficiency

Boubaker Dhehibi, Roberto Telleria, Aden Aw-Hassan, Saad Hatem Mohamed & Feras Ziadat, Weicheng Wu


5. Wine Label Descriptors and Shelf Price Paid by Argentine Consumers

Rodrigo Garcia Arancibia, Gustavo Rossini & Edith Depetris Guiguet


6. Behavioural Drivers of Business Competitiveness in Agriculture

Daniel E. May


7. Climate  Change, Rural Household Food Consumption and Vulnerability: The case of Ben Tre Province in Vietnam
Kim Anh Thi Nguyen, Curtis M. Jolly, Chuong T. P. N. Bui & Trang H. T. Le



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