Invitation to rectors and presidents of CESAER insitutions: Call for nominations for the Millennium Technology Prize 2016

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Tuesday 02, June 2015 09:58

Dear Colleague,

I would like to draw your attention to The Millennium Technology Prize – worth one million euros  – which is one of the world’s leading science and technology awards. The prize is given every two years to a technological innovation that enhances the quality of people’s lives and contributes to sustainable growth. The prize is awarded by Technology Academy Finland, an independent foundation established by Finnish high-tech industry in partnership with the Finnish government and academic institutions. The patron of the Prize Ceremony is the President of the Republic of Finland.

Candidates for the prize are sought across the world and from all fields of technology apart from military technology. Nominations are welcome from organizations such as universities, academies, research institutes and companies. The prize can be awarded to a single individual or to a team, and it is open to innovators of all nationalities.

The Millennium Technology Prize is celebrated for its robust vetting and judging process, run by eminent scientists. The prize has a track record of awarding scientists that go on to major international prominence. Several of the seven Millennium Technology Prize Winners have later received other eminent scientific awards, two of them the Nobel Prize and two the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering.

I have the honor, on behalf of Technology Academy Finland, of inviting your organization to nominate candidate(s) for the 2016 Millennium Technology Prize. Under the link you will find a brochure of the nomination process and detailed guidelines

The nomination material should be delivered to Technology Academy Finland by 31 July, 2015 at


Professor Marja Makarow

Chair, Technology Academy Finland

Vice-President, Academy of Finland – the Finnish Research Council

Academy of Finland
POB 131, Hakaniemenranta 6
FI-00531 Helsinki, Finland

Tel. +358 29 533 5002