IWCEA-2015, International Workshop on Civil Engineering and Architecture (NEW DEADLINE)

NEW Full Paper Submission Extended Deadline: July 1, 2015

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Sunday 21, June 2015 22:09

Dear Researcher,

We are cordially inviting you to submit papers to and attend the IWCEA-2015, International Workshop on Civil Engineering and Architecture:

The workshop to be held in September 12-13, 2015, Istanbul / TURKEY. The purpose of the workshop is to provide a public forum for researchers from academia, defence, government and industry to present, exchange ideas and discuss developments in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

 • Accessibility
 • Actions And Policies To Implement Sustainable Construction
 • Adapting To Climate Change
 • Advanced Construction Materials
 • Advanced Monitoring Systems
 • Advanced Technology Of Geotechnical Engineering
 • Architectural Design And Theories
 • Architectural Engineering
 • Architectural Environment And Equipment Engineering
 • Architecture And Building Materials
 • Art Design And Landscape Architecture
 • Biodiversity
 • Biomimicry And Design With Nature
 • Bridge And Tunnel Engineering
 • Building Energy Conservation And Green Architecture
 • Building Structure
 • Building Sustainability Assessment Tools
 • Building Technology Science
 • Capabilities And Opportunities In The Workplace
 • Carrier Operation Engineering
 • Civil & Structural Engineering
 • Civil Engineering Materials
 • Clean Technology Initiatives And Successes
 • Coastal Engineering
 • Computational Mechanics
 • Construction And Renewable Energy Sources
 • Construction Engineering
 • Construction Technology
 • Design And Technologies For Energy Efficiency And Conservation
 • Design For Climate Change
 • Designing The Sustainable City Of Tomorrow And Urban Sustainability
 • Develop Energy Efficient Buildings At Design Stage To Secure Long-Term Savings
 • Developments And Innovations In Architecture And Construction
 • Disaster Prevention And Mitigation
 • Ecological Architecture
 • Eco-Materials And Technologies
 • Educational Topics In Civil Engineering And Architecture
 • End-User And Community Involvement
 • Energy And Environment
 • Energy Conservation
 • Engineering Management
 • Engineering Structure Safety And Disaster Prevention
 • Environment And Technology
 • Environmental And Water Resources Planning And Management
 • Geographic Information Systems (GISs)
 • Geological Engineering
 • Geotechnical Engineering
 • Green Building Materials
 • Harbor Engineering
 • Health And Safety
 • Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation And Air Conditioning Works
 • High-Rise Structure And Large-Span Structure
 • History And Theories Of Architecture
 • Human Development And Sustainability
 • Human Factors In Technology Development And Use
 • Hydraulic And Hydro-Power Engineering
 • Hydraulic Engineering
 • Improvements In Numerical Modelling And Analytical Approaches
 • Individual Buildings And Building Types
 • Indoor Environment Quality And Benchmarks
 • Innovative Sustainable Construction Systems
 • Life Cycle Analysis
 • New Cement-Based Materials
 • New Constructive Techniques And Systems
 • New Technology, Method And Technique In Civil Engineering
 • Other Related Topics
 • Planning And Building Law And Trends
 • Planning Aspects For Sustainable Construction
 • Project And Construction Processes
 • Public Policies And Local Development
 • Reduce The Noise, Pollution, Flooding And Microclimatic Effects
 • Reliability And Durability Of Structures
 • Reuse And Recycle Wastewater
 • Road And Railway Engineering
 • Safety And Monitoring
 • Sanitary And Ground Water Engineering
 • Seismic Engineering
 • Social And Environmental Research
 • Social Impacts, Work And Worker Health
 • Social Inclusion
 • Social Sustainability In The Workplace, Education And The Community
 • Structural Analysis And Design
 • Sustainable Development Of Building Energy And Environment
 • Sustainable Management Of Existing Building Stock
 • Sustainable Resources And Materials Use
 • The Relationship Between Individual Workers And The Organization In Adopting
 • Theory And Advanced Technology Of Engineering Structure
 • Traditional Construction Materials
 • Traffic Engineering
 • Training, Education And Human Resource Development
 • Transportation Engineering
 • Tunnel, Subway And Underground Facilities
 • Urban And Regional Planning
 • Urban Design And Development
 • Urban Regeneration And Sustainable Development
 • Use Of Industrial Waste
 • Waste Minimization
 • Water Supply And Drainage Engineering

Important Dates

Full Paper Submission Due July 1, 2015
Acceptance Notification Due July 15, 2015
Registration Due July 31, 2015

 For more information about the workshop, organizing committee, submission instructions, and venue please see the workshop website:

 We look forward to your paper submission and participation at the workshop.

Best Regards
Conference Secretary
Scientific Cooperations