Research at the Faculty of Engineering

In its 50 years of life, the Faculty of Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) has presented significant work of a very high level in the educational and research field, both on a national and international scale. The components of this creative process are its human resources and infrastructure (its scientific facilities), which in combination aim at the parallel development of educational programs and research activities.

In the present day, where scientific fields evolve at a very rapid pace –particularly those related to technology- one element that underlines the sound development of any noteworthy research organization, is for the latter to focus on contributing to the production of research results and constantly look for ways and means to further improve in this field. In the case of public organizations in particular, the publication of the relevant results constitutes a responsibility towards society and the state.

Within this spirit, the Faculty of Engineering at AUTH, as the most important university body in the production of research material, with a clear focus on technological issues in the broader region of Central Macedonia, is obliged to record and publicly announce all aspects of its research activities. The present edition is a first step in fulfilling this obligation, since it contains all the available information concerning the research in progress, analyses the environment in which research work is carried out and delineates the evaluation framework, in relation to the possibilities and results involved in the production of research work. In the pages that follow, an attempt is made both to record but also to critically analyze the most important data pertaining to the research conducted at the Faculty. It should be noted that this work is the result of the Faculty’s initiative and is the first attempt of this kind that is published as an autonomous edition.

(Excerpt from the edition “Research at the Faculty of Engineering")