Statistical Data, Observations, Proposals

In order to elaborate the Faculty’s Strategy Development Plan, the Strategic Planning Committee of the Faculty of Engineering has decided to assign the present study with the following codified description:

  • Data collection from universities and technological institutes of the European Union and America
  • Data collection from international organizations related to engineers.
  • Formulation of higher education models for engineers.
  • Differentiation study of the training provided to engineers at universities and at technological institutes.
  • Proposal for the formulation of an engineering graduate profile for the Faculty of Engineering, AUTH – Comparative study of existing profile and suggested future profile.
  • Study of the above differentiation in conjunction with the study programs currently on offer at the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Synthetic presentation of the above conclusions and inclusion in the debate concerning both the establishment of new departments and the further development of the existing departments at the Faculty of Engineering.

In brief, the main requirement is to shape the scientific profile of students graduating from the Faculty of Engineering at AUTH, taking into account both international trends and the particularities of the Greek system.

As a result of this effort, we are expecting views to be formulated regarding the current debate taking place at the Faculty, as regards the creation of new departments or the further development of existing ones, as well as a study of the relevance between existing study programmes.

(Excerpt from the edition “Statistical data, observations and proposals by Prof. Patias”)

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    Statistics, Conclusions, Proposals by Prof. Patias (in Greek)