Publication on the subject of design

“Through the Tellogleio Foundation, the systematic and organized efforts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki are manifested and expressed, as regards its contribution to the cultural upgrading of our city and country in general, through the dissemination of art and the knowledge that surrounds it.

The efficient role played by the Foundation in the cultural events of our city, particularly in recent years, due to its impressive and innovative portfolio, is nowadays widely recognized. With a great degree of pleasure and satisfaction, all those who are making continuous, persistent efforts to achieve the goals of the Foundation, daily receive positive comments from the local community.

The Association of Friends of the Tellogleio Foundation consists of people characterized by the sensitivity with which they address art in all its potential forms of expression.

This common attribute of the Friends of the Tellogleio Foundation justifies the priority given by the Association members to supporting all the Foundation’s activities.

The present edition on art and culture will contribute to the dissemination and strengthening of the Tellogleio Foundation initiatives, and that is why we are pleased to greet the publication of this volume, that is specifically devoted to Design.

Although we are certain of the quality and fascinating content of this edition, we hope however that all the readers of the volume will also agree with our views”.

(Excerpt from the Design edition, introduced by Assoc. Prof. Andreas Giannakoudakis, former Vice-Rector of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)