The Historical Archive of the Faculty of Engineering

According to the Dean’s Council Meeting No 3/8-11-2000 it was decided to create a Historical Archive of the Faculty covering the period 1955-1982 which would include  the collection, the organization, the classification, the recording and the evaluation of the available items/data aiming to:

  • Preserve and rescue the archive due to it’s significance as a presumption of the Faculty’s history and
  • To become a source for researchers in the future.

Commission of the Historical Archive

To implement this project, the Dean formed a committee consisting of:

  1. Muridis Myronas, Professor, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering
  2. Papamixos Nikolaos, Associate Professor, School of Architecture
  3. Polanagnostakis Pavlos, Manager of the library of Schools of Chemical Engineering and
  4. Hastaoglou Vilma, Associate Professor, School of Architecture.

The Archive

The archive of the Faculty was first placed in a specially designed area at the Dean’s office and at the basement of Central Library, unclassified and disorganized. Now it is placed at the exhibiting area of the School of Architecture. This place has just been renovated and properly equipped making it a comfortable workplace, also holding adequate working equipment for the future researchers. The files were transfered with and stored safely in glass showcases, which make the files easily accessible. This Archive forms the basis of the Historical Archive of the Faculty of Engineering.

Classification and elaboration of the Archive

The Archive has been classified in thematic topics relevant to the original classification in order to preserve the historical value.
The Archive is classified in these four categories:

  1. Academic field related files
  2. Administrative issues related files
  3. Student issues related files
  4. Government Gazette related files


The “Historical Archive of the Faculty of Engineering” is considered to be very important in order to continue collecting, elaborating and classifying from various sources of the Faculty. The archive is extended through the time with additional material from several sources, according to the original objective of the Archive, its use of the university community and the promotion of the Faculty of Engineering to the society.


The structure of the Archive

Future Work

Presentation of the Archive