Future Work

In order to develop further the Historical Archive of the Faculty of Engineering, it is necessary to continue the work and to perform the following tasks:

Part A

  1. Continue recording and processing the elements of the students from the School of Chemical Engineering, the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the School of Mechanical Engineering, after removing the contrains put by the Secretariats of Schools with respect to personal data.
  2. Collect more photographic, taped and recorded material from the personal archive of the active and from the retired Professors of the Faculty as well. For this purpose an attached document is submitted.
  3. Conduct further research on the Government’s Gazette from the years 1955-1974 and 1980-1982, and then register stock and processing Laws, Presidential Decrees, Ministerial Decisions etc, referring to the Faculty of Engineering.
  4. Conduct further research on the Yearbooks of Aristotle University from 1955 to 1982, except for those which are already part of the archive, and then exploit their content involving the Faculty of Engineering.
  5. Research, record and sort the content of the Science Yearbooks of the Faculty of Engineering, of the period 1955-1982.
  6. Record and assort the content of the Study Guides of the Schools of the Faculty of Engineering.
  7. Collect, record and sort any material relevant to the social work of the students, and the faculty members.
  8. Create a website of the Historical Archive of the School of Engineering which will hold all the material of the Archive.
  9. Publish the file so it can be used by researchers.

Part B

  1. Continue the operation and the enhancement the Historical Archive in order to:
    • enhance the database with materials contained to the archive of several sources (Professors’ retirements, personal archives etc).
    • deepen the process-classification within the content of the files, and
    • finish the database of the archive with data of the student population for the rest of the Schools. The completion of the database will help the Schools Secretaries, decreasing the time of issuing licenses and generally improve the services to Faculty members, and others. Furthermore, it is important that with the completion of the computerization, future research on processing characteristics of the student population of the period such as, origin, sex, parents’ work, guidance of studding through options / diplomatic etc will be enabled. We emphasize on the basis of personal data not been accessible in third parties, but only with the legal requirements the apply generally to the Archive of the Faculty.
  2. Collection  and assortment of the material from press. Recording and sorting the articles, the references etc, which are relating to the Faculty of Engineering from the local press and from national newspapers from 1955 to 1982, has a particular interest, because shows the reception and acceptance of the new Faculty of the Scientific and Intellectual community, business and general public of Thessaloniki. The implementation of this proposal will lead in a collection of information for the action and the life generally of the Faculty, which will be an important legacy for the Historical Archive of the Faculty of Engineering generally.