Presentation of the Archive

50 year’s anniversary since the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering (1955-2005)

During the celebration of the 50 years since the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering, it was proposed to present a part of the archive to the community of the University and the city as well. A Committee of the Historical Archive was formed to create a report about which parts of the archive could be presented. The purpose of this report was to present sufficient samples from three categories of the Archive (Faculty, Administrative & Student) of the Faculty of Engineering. The ultimate purpose of the report was to evaluate the usefulness of the Archive which is presented, to seize future Archives (About “50 years - A tribute to the Faculty of Engineering”, see also here).

Law and the Faculty of Engineering

 The law texts presented here are from the website “Raptarchis – Code of Law” --> Topics by Vol. 31A, publication 06/04/2007 (doc file). 

Collection of Laws and Decrees (1958)

This is a collection of Laws and Decrees relevant to the Faculty of Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, project of the memorable George Nitsiotas, Professor of the School of Civil Engineering and first Dean of the Faculty. (pdf file).

Modern Greek Language in Management (1977)

A book of the Ministry of Presidency of Greek Government/ General Direction of Public Administration in order to simplify the language used in the public documents by the Public Services and Organizations including exemplars. (pdf file).