Observatory of the Faculty of Engineering – Charting its Potential and Activities

The continuous updating of a Strategic Development Plan for the Faculty of Engineering at AUTH requires the collection, processing and respective updating of a series of data on an uninterrupted basis, obtained from the Faculty of Engineering and AUTH as a whole, and from the other Polytechnic Schools of Greece, Europe and the world in general.

In the attempt to codify these statistical figures into measurable and comparable “Indicators”, the multi-factorial dimension of the problem ultimately arises, since there are various parameters that need to be jointly evaluated, such as: the labor market for engineers, employment relations and trends, professional competitiveness, the dynamics, the priorities and the limits of the national economy, current technological trends, the fluidity of the European environment on tertiary education issues, modern tendencies for the evaluation of research and innovative products, etc.
The purpose of the OBSERVATORY is to keep a reliable record and continuously update a large number of figures pertaining to the Faculty of Engineering at AUTH, along with comparable data from other Polytechnic Schools.

This data serves to document both the current situation and its evolution through time. The main requirement is to continuously assess the position of the Faculty of Engineering both within the AUTH and in the country as a whole, and then within the European Union and the world.

The Deanship of the Faculty of Engineering at AUTH, during its no 9/14-5-2008 meeting, approved the functioning of the OBSERVATORY at the FofE /AUTH.


  • Peter Patias, Professor, Department of Rural and Surveying Engineering, patias@auth.gr



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