It should be noted that the study programs at the Schools of Engineering were organized with the rationale of creating unified subject areas and degrees that would ensure employment, and the potential for further specialization. “The attempt to avoid any possibility of fragmenting the study programs into specialized subject areas was a one-way street, given the structure of the Greek economy and the limited labour market for highly specialized graduates. This decision, however, led us to incorporate the unavoidable developments of science and new technologies within the study programs, which resulted in an inflated undergraduate study program, and the creation of numerous postgraduate programmes, which had a negative impact on the assimilation and quality of the provided knowledge. The requirements of the production system and the pressures of the marketplace, along with the particular characteristics of current times, have also led to the establishment of university departments that are put together on the basis of specialized subject areas with no scientific background, and without any possibility being given to their graduates to further develop their knowledge and research interests.”