International admissions at Ecole Polytechnique "Ingenieur Polytechnicien" - Year 2012

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Τρίτη 26, Ιουλίου 2011 10:38

Ecole Polytechnique admits each year about 500 new students in the "Ingenieur Polytechnicien" curriculum: 400 French students and 100 international students, all eager to undertake a rigorous scientific education and to pursue an outstanding career.

Supported by numerous companies from different countries, the Ecole Polytechnique's curriculum is especially suited to students who want to benefit from an exceptional educational environment and to give an international edge to their career.

The 2012 international admission procedure begins now. It is aimed at candidates having achieved two to three years of undergraduate studies in Science or in Engineering, with outstanding results in Mathematics and/or in Physics.

The deadline for on-line applications is on October 1st, 2011. Candidates selected after this first step will take oral and written examinations to be held in late November 2011. Applicants will be notified of admission decisions in mid-January 2012.

Additional information can be obtained from our web site at or by e-mail at

On-line applications are now open and available at: