Modern Greek as a foreign language

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This site is designed, developed and maintained by Fanny Galatsopoulou and Chrysa Mantatzidou, as a part of their M.Sc. thesis in Foreign Language Teaching.
It includes a dense course for advanced learners of modern Greek (both as a foreign and as a second language), that constitute mainly of short time reading/writing and integrative activities and hopefully gives students around the world the opportunity to use and improve their Greek while they are surfing the net. Some tasks are designed for autonomous learning, others demand the collaboration with us (teachers) since they are based on interaction, all of them promote meaningful Greek communication and a better understanding of Greek culture and society. All the texts used as teaching materials are authentic and though we are primarily interested in the proper use of the language, some attention is given to structures of grammar and syntax.
The course is planned especially for individual learners (advanced level) and everybody that learns greek and knows how to edit e-mail and browse the net is welcome. You can attend the course at any rate and take as much time as you want, but please do not send any answers to activities if you are not pretty sure that you are going to complete the whole course or at least in such case send us a brief e-mail explaining your reasons for leaving us (dropouts can also be beneficial to us). Why don't you join us!

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Modern Greek as a foreign language
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