Agricultural  Economics Review

2010 - Volume 11 - Number 2


1. Intra-industry Trade in Agricultural Products on intra-EC level: The Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Funds (pp. 5-17)

Konstantinos Katrakilidis and Dimitri Mardas


2. Evaluating the potential contribution of contract auctions to Agri-Environmental Policy efficiency: A simulation model for Emilia-Romagna -Italy (pp. 18-28)

Davide Viaggi, Meri Raggi and Vittorio Gallerani


3. The possible effects of the CAP Reform on farm employment in Hungary (pp.29-33)

Sándor Elek, Imre Fertő and Csaba Forgács


4. Quality Choices in a Vertical Structure: National Brands vs Private Labels in Grocery Retailing (pp. 34-43)

Panos Fousekis


5. Irrigation water pricing between governmental policies and farmers’ perception: Implications for green-houses horticultural production in Teboulba -Tunisia ( pp. 44-54)

Ali Chebil, Aymen Frija and Chokri Thabet


6. Preference erosion effects on the agricultural sector of the EU’s Mediterranean Partner Countries (pp. 55-69)

Aikaterini Kavallari and P. Michael Schmitz


7. Determinants of purchasing behaviour for organic and integrated fruits and vegetables in Slovenia (pp.70-83) [RETRACTED]

A. Kuhar and L. Juvancic


8. Convergence in Agriculture: Evidence from the European Regions (pp. 84-96)

Stilianos Alexiadis