Agricultural  Economics Review

2011 - Volume 12 - Number 1


1. Multicriteria analysis for environmental assessment of agri-environment schemes: How to use partial information from Mid-Term Evaluations?

Davide Viaggi, John Anthony Finn, Isabelle Kurz and Fabio Bartolini [Full Text]


2. Quality and Double Sided Moral Hazard in Share Contracts

Marta Fernández Olmos, Cristina Grazia and Maria Angela Perito [Full Text]


3. Supply of Money and Food Prices: The Case of Greece

Nikolaos Ziotis and Christos T. Papadas [Full Text]


4. Environmental Regulation and Productivity: A Data Envelopment Analysis for Swiss Dairy Farms

Ali Ferjani  [Full Text]


5. Consuming rural development policies: Are there gender differences in Italian agriculture?

Silvia Chiappini and Marcello De Rosa [Full Text]


6. Vertical and horizontal decomposition of farm income in equality in Greece

Eleni A. Kaditi and Elisavet I. Nitsi [Full Text]


7. An input-output approach in assessing the CAP reform impact of extensive versus intensive farming systems on rural development: The case of Greece

Elias Giannakis and Sophia Efstratoglou  [Full Text]


8. Parametric Estimation of Technical and Scale Efficiencies in Italian Citrus Farming

Fabio A. Madau  [Full Text]