Agricultural  Economics Review

2011 - Volume 12 - Number 2


1. Spatial Price Competition Between Cooperatives Under Hotelling – Smithies Conjectures

Panos Fousekis [Full Text]


2. Intra-industry Trade in Agricultural Products at intra-EC level: The Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Funds

Constantinos Katrakilidis and Dimitris Mardas [Full Text]

3. Impacts of flatter rates and environmental top-ups in Greece: A novel mathematical modeling approach
Stelios Rozakis [Full Text]

4. Response of Cotton to Oil Price Shocks
Maria Mutuc, Suwen Pan and Darren Hudson [Full Text]


5. Employment effects of private investment initiatives in rural areas of southern Europe: A regional SAM approach

Demetrios Psaltopoulos, Dimitris Skuras and Kenneth J. Thomson [Full Text]


6. Estimating Technical Efficiency, Input substitution and complementary effects using Output Distance Function: A study of Cassava production in Nigeria

Ogundari K. and Brümmer B. [Full Text]


7. The role of PDO/PGI labelling in Italian consumers’ food choices

Riccardo Vecchio and Azzurra Annunziata [Full Text]


8. Estimating the effects of single farm payments on multi-output agricultural production function

Ayele Gelan and Gerald Schwarz [Full Text]