Agricultural  Economics Review

2012 - Volume 13 - Number 1


1. The demand for crop insurance:  Combined approaches for France and Italy

Geoffroy Enjolras, Fabian Capitanio and Felice Adinolfi [Full Text]


2. Factors affecting the situation of economically weak farms in Switzerland

Andreas Roesch [Full Text]


3. Irrigation water use efficiency in collective irrigated schemes of Tunisia: determinants and potential irrigation cost reduction

Ali Chebil, Aymen Frija and Belhassen Abdelkafi [Full Text]


4. Investigating market structure of the Greek food and beverages manufacturing industry: A Hall-Roeger approach

Anthony N. Rezitis and Maria A. Kalantzi [Full Text]


5. Technical efficiency and productivity differentials of dairy farms in three EU countries: the role of CAP subsidies

Xueqin Zhu, Róbert Milán Demeter and Alfons Oude Lansink [Full Text]


6. Do differences in technical efficiency explain the adoption rate of HYV rice? Evidence from Bangladesh

K.M. Zahidul Islam, John Sumelius and Stefan Bäckman [Full Text]


7. Estimating utility functions of Greek dairy sheep farmers: A multicriteria mathematical programming approach

Stelios Rozakis, Alexandra Sintori and Konstantinos Tsiboukas [Full Text]