Agricultural  Economics Review

2013 - Volume 14 - Number 1


1. US Cotton Exports and Bilateral Exchange Rates

Nazif Durmaz & Henry Thompson [Full Text]


2. Factors Affecting PC and Internet Usage by the Rural Population of Cyprus

George Adamides, Andreas Stylianou, Petros C. Kosmas and Constantinos D. Apostolopoulos [Full Text]


3.  Innovation, Parallel Shifts of Supply, and Welfare

John B. Horowitz, Michael A. Karls, Juan Sesmero and T. Norman Van Cott [Full Text]


4. Determinants of Cherry Production and Marketing in Pakistan: A Propensity Score Matching Approach

Akhter Ali, Muhammad Sharif, Khalid Mahmood and Nadeem Akmal [Full Text]


5. An econometric analysis of determinants of climate change attitudes and behaviour in Greece and Great Britain

Viktoria Tsitsoni and Luiza Toma [Full Text]


6. A tool for uniform classification and analyses of budgetary support to agriculture for the EU accession countries

Miroslav Rednak, Tina Volk and Emil Erjavec [Full Text]


7. Segmenting Albanian consumers according to olive oil quality perception and purchasing habits

Drini Imami, Edvin Zhllima, Maurizio Canavari and Elvina Merkaj [Full Text]