Agricultural  Economics Review


2013 - Volume 14 - Number 2


1. Analysis of pesticide application and applicator’s training level in greenhouse farms in Galicia, Spain

S. Lamosa Quinteiro, M. F. Marey Pérez, C. Cabaleiro Sobrino and M. Barrasa Rioja [Full Text]


2. Efficiency and Productivity Change in the Greek Dairy Industry

George Vlontzos and Alexandros Theodoridis [Full Text]


3.  Investigating the Price Transmission Mechanism of the Greek Fresh Tomato Market with a Markov Switching Vector Error Correction model

Anthony Rezitis and Dimitris Pachis [Full Text]


4. Quality perception of extra-virgin olive oil: which attributes most influence Italian consumer?

Di Vita Giuseppe, D’Amico Mario, La Via Giovanni and Caniglia Elena [Full Text]


5. Production and Off-Farm Employment Decisions of Greek and Hungarian Farmers in the Light of the Last CAP Reform

Margarita Genius [Full Text]


6. Designing Regulatory Policies for Complex Externalities: The Case of Agricultural Pollution

Athanasios Kampas, Katerina Melfou and Ashar Aftab [Full Text]


7. Supply Response in Rainfed Agriculture of Odisha, Eastern India: A Vector Error Correction Approach

Kirtti Ranjan Paltasingh and Phanindra Goyari [Full Text]