Agricultural  Economics Review

2014 - Volume 15 - Number 1


1. Tariff and on-Tariff Barriers to Wine Exports and Initiatives to Reduce their Effects

A. Mariani, F. Napoletano, E. Pomarici and R. Vecchio [Full Text]


2. Structural changes of hog farming in China: good or bad? A case study of Wuxue City in Hubei Province

Zhao Liange and Han Hongyun [Full Text]


3. The low commercial value fish. How can we increase its consumption?

Mariarosaria Simeone and Debora Scarpato [Full Text]


4. Young Farmers' Perceived Service Quality of the Greek Ministry of Agriculture: A SERVQUAL Approach

Achilleas Kontogeorgos, Dimitrios Tselempis and Philippos Karipidis [Full Text]


5. Irrigation water efficiency in wheat production in Chbika (Tunisia): Parametric versus on parametric Comparisons

Ali Chebil, Iheb Frija and Walid Bahri [Full Text]


6. Vertical Price Transmission in the US Pork Industry: Evidence from Copula Models

Christos Emmanoulides and Panos Fousekis [Full Text]


7. Oil price effects on land use competition: An empirical analysis

Matthias Diermeier and Torsten Schmidt [Full Text]