Agricultural  Economics Review

2014 - Volume 15 - Number 2


1. Grower's Selling Behavior: Transaction Cost Comparison Analysis

Wang Lijia, Huo Xuexi [Full Text]


2. Bio-economic modelling to assess the impact of water pricing policies at the farm level in the Oum Zessar watershed, southern Tunisia

Houcine Jeder, Mongi Sghaier, Kamel Louhichi, Pytrik Reidsma [Full Text]


3. Modelling the impacts of alternative CAP scenarios through a system dynamics approach

Elias Giannakis, Sophia Efstratoglou, Demetris Psaltopoulos [Full Text]


4. Characteristics of Rice Cultivation and Rural Rice Market in Bangladesh: Evidence from a Survey

Dayal Talukder, Love Chile [Full Text]


5. Agricultural Trade Integration in Western Balkans: Orientation and Complementarity

Dimitrios Natos, Christos Staboulis, Efthimia Tsakiridou [Full Text]


6. Quality dimensions and consumer preferences: A choice experiment in the Italian extra-virgin olive oil market

Teresa Panico, Francesco Caracciolo, Teresa Del Giudice [Full Text]


7. Using Private Food Safety Standards to Manage Complexity: A Moral Hazard Perspective

Carlo Russo, Maria Angela Perito, Antonella Di Fonzo [Full Text]