Agricultural  Economics Review

2015 - Volume 16 - Number 1


1. Production and trade of port wine: temporal dynamics and pricing
Leonida Correia, Joao Rebelo & Jose Caldas  [Full Text]


2. Attitudes towards organic fruits and vegetables

Tina Vukasovič [Full Text]


3.  Price Transmission on the Milk Portuguese Market

Maria de Fatima Lorena de Oliveira, Maria Leonor da Silva Carvalho, Maria Raquel Lucas, Pedro Damiao Henriques & Fernanda Mora Peixe [Full Text]


4. Financial flexibility in agricultural investment decisions: A discrete choice experiment

Friederike Anastassiadis, Ulf Liebe & Oliver Mubhoff [Full Text]


5. Determining Factors of Structural Change in Agriculture in Switzerland

Ali Ferjani, Albert Zimmermann & Andreas Roesch [Full Text]


6. Competitive strategies in the Italian pasta industry

Mariarosaria Simeone, Giuseppe Marotta & Giacomo Rotondo [Ful Text]


7. Innovation networking within Producer Groups (PGs): The case of two PGs in Ierapetra, Crete
Alex Koutsouris & Anastasia Makri [Full Text]