Agricultural  Economics Review

2016 - Volume 17 - Number 2


1. Price dependence and asymmetric responses between coffee varieties [Full Text]
Athanassios Stavrakoudis and Dimitrios Panagiotou


2. Tariff reforms in the presence of pollution [Full Text]

Nikolaos Vlassis


3. A Dynamic Analysis of Egyptian Orange Exports to Russia: A Co-integration Analysis [Full Text]

Assem Abu Hatab and Aimable Nsabimana


4. An Analysis of the Trade Patterns of Olive-Oil in the European Union [Full Text]

Dionysia Rallatou and Vangelis Tzouvelekas


5. Adoption of rural development policies in rural areas of Italy: between family and farm strategy [Full Text]

De Rosa Marcello and Bartoli Luca


6. Evaluating trends of low sodium content in food: The willingness to pay for salt-reduced bread, a case study [Full Text]

Giuseppe Di Vita, Mario D'amico, Alessia Lombardi and Biagio Pecorino


7. Technical Efficiency in the Agricultural Sector - Evidence from a Conditional Quantile-Based Approach [Full Text]

Sofia Kourtesi, Kristof De Witte & Apostolos Polymeros