Agricultural  Economics Review

2017 - Volume 18 - Number 1


1. An Economic Analysis of Wheat Breeding Programs for Some Iranian Irrigated Bread Wheat Varieties [Full Text]
Hormoz Asadia, Gholamreza Zamanian, Mohammad Nabi  Shahiki Tash, Mohammad  Ghorbani and Mohammad Reza Jalal Kamali

2. Measuring the Intensity of Competition in the Greek Imported Meat Market [Full Text]
Stathis Klonaris

3. Price co-movement and the hedger's value-at-risk in the futures markets for coffee [Full Text]
Panos Fousekis

4. How much do consumers care about farm labour exploitation? [Full Text]
Andreas C. Drichoutis

5. Drivers of the International Pear Market: A Panel Data Approach  [Full Text]
Jaime de Pablo Valenciano, Jose Ramos Pires Manso  and Miguel Angel Giacinti Battistuzzi  

6. Competitiveness analysis of the Portuguese processed tomato sector and development strategies [Full Text]
Ma de Fatima Lorena de Oliveira, Mariano Suarez de Cepeda; Rodolfo Bernabeu

7. Food Safety  and Vietnam EU Pangasius strategy [Full Text]
Tram Anh Thi Nguyen, Thien Chuong Phuc Bui Nguyen  and Curtis M. Jolly