Agricultural  Economics Review

2017 - Volume 18 - Number 2


1. What does the stochastic frontier estimator of market power really account for? A theoretical analysis with references from the food industry [Full Text]
Dimitrios Panagiotou

2. Managing the risks of the Greek Crisis in aquaculture: A SWOT analysis of the Mediterranean mussel farming [Full Text]
J.A. Theodorou and I. Tzovenis  

3. Technical and economic efficiency in some Italian farms: an analysis in two Italian islands [Full Text]
Nicola Galluzzo

4. Integrating spatial econometric information and optimisation models to improve Agri-Environmental payment design: A resource allocation model for Emilia-Romagna (Italy) [Full Text]
Vergamini Danielea, Davide Viaggi and Meri Raggi

5. Analysis of operational efficiency of a meat processing supply chain: A case study from the UAE [Full Text]
Ioannis Manikas, Balan Sundarakani, and Jerin Varghese John

6. The impact of new regulations on water pricing in the agricultural sector: a case study from Northern Italy [Full Text]
Francesco Galioto, Elisa Guerra, Meri Raggi and Davide Viaggi

7. Price determinants and interactions specifics in beef production in Bulgaria [Full Text]
Evgeni Genchev, Yuliyana Yarkova and Dobri Yarkov