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Agricultural Economics Review
ISSN: 1109-2580

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Agricultural  Economics Review


Multiplier impact of wine activity on inter-industry interactions

Maurizio Ciaschini and Claudio Socci


Wine is usually studied as a separate activity. Our attempt is to introduce it within the industries composing output that react to disposable income changes. We first harmonize the available data in a Social Accounting framework. From this data base we get the parameters of a multi-industry multi-sectoral model. We apply on the model a type of dispersion analysis based on singular value decompositions. The results show the position held by wine with respect to the other activities in relation to changes in the composition of disposable incomes. They confirm that wine, in a mediterranean country as Italy, is linked to lower disposable incomes.

Keywords: Wine, Input-Output, Macro Multiplier, Singular Values Decompositions, Economic Impact and Correlation

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