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Agricultural Economics Review
ISSN: 1109-2580

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Agricultural  Economics Review
MANAGING EDITOR:   Konstadinos Mattas
Department of Agricultural Economics
School of Agricultural Sciences
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Agricultural Economics Review is the official publication of the Greek Association of Agricultural Economists. To submit to the journal, click the Submit Article link at left. For more information, see Aims & Scope.


Abstracting/Indexing: AER is currently indexed in SCOPUS, E-Jel, WebEc-The list of Economic Journals, edBioWorld-Agricultural Economics Journals, EBSCO Publishing, Agecon search, ProQuest and Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Economics and Finance

Latest Articles



1. What does the stochastic frontier estimator of market power really account for? A theoretical analysis with references from the food industry [Full Text]
Dimitrios Panagiotou

2. Managing the risks of the Greek Crisis in aquaculture: A SWOT analysis of the Mediterranean mussel farming [Full Text]
J.A. Theodorou and I. Tzovenis  

3. Technical and economic efficiency in some Italian farms: an analysis in two Italian islands [Full Text]
Nicola Galluzzo

4. Integrating spatial econometric information and optimisation models to improve Agri-Environmental payment design: A resource allocation model for Emilia-Romagna (Italy) [Full Text]
Vergamini Danielea, Davide Viaggi and Meri Raggi

5. Analysis of operational efficiency of a meat processing supply chain: A case study from the UAE [Full Text]
Ioannis Manikas, Balan Sundarakani, and Jerin Varghese John

6. The impact of new regulations on water pricing in the agricultural sector: a case study from Northern Italy [Full Text]
Francesco Galioto, Elisa Guerra, Meri Raggi and Davide Viaggi

7. Price determinants and interactions – specifics in beef production in Bulgaria [Full Text]
Evgeni Genchev, Yuliyana Yarkova and Dobri Yarkov



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