Computer Labs

The role of Computer Labs:

Computer technology is an essential tool in the daily work of Engineers. The establishment of Computer Labs at the Schools aims to familiarize students with the Engineering programmes on offer, and also provides the infrastructure required for laboratory courses and seminars, as well as free, quick Internet access. The software installed at the Labs is the software that new Engineers will be using in their actual professional life. Use permits are centrally provided, with support from the IT Support Centre through the AFS system, with help from the Schools and central Licensing Servers or through the Schools with the acquisition of local use permits and a relevant installation at the Labs. At the same time, when available, the labs can be used by students to prepare their reports, papers and diploma theses, thus providing all the necessary infrastructural support they may require.

Facts and figures:

Informatics services, as is the case with almost all laboratory courses, should be able to provide sufficient workstations to students. The Faculty of Engineering, through its Schools, offers 300 workstations to students, with the aim of having an adequate number of workstations available for the students of each School. Technical support at the Labs is provided by staff members experienced in IT, and by the IT Support Centre. The Labs are either managed on a central level, with the cooperation of the IT Support Centre, or on a local level, by local System Managers. In both cases, each user has his/her own personal password and Internet storage area.

Where the Computer Labs Are

1. Computer Lab of the School of Civil Engineering.
2nd wing, ground floor
Responsible: Mahairas Christos
tel.: 2310 99 5712

2. Computer Lab of the School of Architecture.
1st wing, 1st floor
Responsible: Pavlidis Ntinos
tel.: 2310 99 5446

3. Computer Lab of the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering.
3rd wing, 3rd floor
Responsible: Sarafidis Dimitrios, Tsoukala Antonia, Fylaktakis Anastasios, Patonis Fotis
tel.: 2310 99 6040, 5830, 6126, 4207

4. Computer Lab of the School of Mechanical Engineering.
Building Ε14, ground floor
Responsible: Bassoukos Anastasios tel.: 2310 99 4189

5. Computer Lab of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Building D', ground floor
Responsible: Simitsis Lazaros
tel.: 2310 99 6310

6. Computer Lab "Vergina" of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Building Ε13, ground floor
Responsible: Mamalakis Georgios
tel.: 2310 99 4379

7. Computer Lab of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, for the teaching of technical drawing.
2nd wing, 3rd floor
Responsible: Tolidis Asterios
tel.: 2310 99 5627, 5629

8. Computer Lab of the School of Chemical Engineering.
Building Ε13, ground floor
Responsible: Assael Markos, Antoniadis Konstantinos
tel.: 2310 99 6163, 6210

9. Computer Lab of the Informatics Laboratory.
3rd wing, 1st floor
Responsible: Pangalos George
tel.: 2310 99 5985