The Structure of the Archive

In order to preserve the historical value and to help the researchers, the archive has been classified into four categories, without significant deviation from the original classification.
The Archive is classified in these four categories:

  1. Academic field related files
  2. Administrative issues related files
  3. Student issues related files
  4. Government Gazette related files

The content of the fist three categories has been sorted and each document is placed according to it’s serial number in a glass showcase. Each title and subtitle has been recorded in electronic form making the content easily accessible and usable.

Category 1: Faculty (Academic Field)

This category includes files of the Faculty members such as bulletins, applications for open position calls, documents and rejected applications. The importance of the files, such as document, academic thesis and lectures of the Professors can be used further to promote how to Faculty is structured through the time.

Category 2: Administration (Administrative issues)

This category includes files related to the buildings, the finances and the personnel of the Faculty.

Category 3: Students (Student issues)

The 3rd category is divided in 4 sections:

  • School of Rural and Surveying Engineering
  • School of Architecture
  • School of Civil Engineering
  • Various

The three first sections include records from each relevant School. The fourth section includes records from all the other Schools which have either been separated or do not have their own thematic. These files include student applications, documents and transcriptions, grades per year and per lesson, and name lists.

Category 4: Governmental Journal

The fourth category includes Government journal files from the period1974-1982.

Doctorates, lectureships

The National Documentation Centre (NDC) and the Central Library of AUTH have provided data for doctorates and lectureships which have been done at the Faculty of Engineering. Each one includes the identity (writer, title, supervisor Professor, etc) and a full summary of the content.

The Students’ Files

All the records which are in the student’s catalogues, have been recorded in a database, mainly from the Schools of:

  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Rural and Surveying Engineering

The electronic archive contains elements similar to those recorded today at the Secretariats of the Schools. The items of the students of the School of Chemical Engineering and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering have not been recorded, because the Secretariats of these Schools expressed their concern about the  confidentiality of personal data.