The Bibliographical Guide of the Faculty of Engineering

Scientific papers constitute a decisive criterion for the professional acknowledgement of academic professors, particularly when they are published in peer-reviewed journals with a wide circulation. As a rule, such papers reflect their achievements in research which, in the case of the members of the Faculty of Engineering, are comparable with those of famous Polytechnic Faculties abroad.

This bibliographical guide is the third published by the Faculty of Engineering, following similar attempts in 1992 and 2000. The papers included are classified by School and year, and divided into categories (articles in peer-reviewed journals, articles in peer-reviewed conference proceedings, books, articles in books, publication of conference proceedings, other publications and patents) for the period 2001-2006.

Through the archiving of the scientific papers written by the Faculty members, our colleagues from inside and outside the Faculty are updated on the individual scientific fields that the Laboratories and Departments of the Faculty’s Schools are involved in. At the same time, the search for bibliographical sources by students is facilitated, and also by researchers who are active in similar subjects. Finally, the collected material proves the uninterrupted presence of the Faculty and its pioneering steps in a broad range of areas of interest to Engineers.

(Excerpt from the publication “Bibliographical Guide”)