Thematic Categorization of Research Activities

The valorization of the technological innovations that arise from academic research is often aggravated due to an inability to comprehend the object of research activities and/or to recognize the research fields hidden behind the academic titles of the Faculty’s Schools. The extensive specialization of research areas coupled with the increasing frequency, with which research pervades scientific fields and academic Schools/Faculties, also creates obstacles for the formulation of research goals, research fields and interdisciplinary groups. And this problem is made even more acute by the inability to create a commonly accepted international system for the categorization of research fields.

In recent years, the Faculty of Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has been making a systematic effort to record, evaluate and promote its research activities. The establishment and operation of the Research Council at the Faculty of Engineering, along with various activities such as the organization of seminars, the publication of the edition Research at the Faculty of Engineering, AUTH (2008) and the creation of the Research Activity Portal constitute part of this effort. Another step in this direction is the present attempt to group together the research activity fields of the Faculty.

The thematic categorization of the research that is conducted in parallel to and/or that supplements educational activities at the Faculty of Engineering aims, apart from promoting self-knowledge, to facilitate the dissemination of the research results (products and services), further interdisciplinary research, develop a targeted and more effective research policy, promote research collaborations etc. This specific effort is not an exhaustive one, since the simultaneous use of alternative methods of categorization, ensures a better correspondence with the terms and methods used when searching for relevant information.

(Excerpt from the edition “Thematic categorization of research activities”.)